Lifeplace – Place to live the life


Two and half decades of life at my lifeplace. I started at this lifeplace to never to get compared with other lifeplaces or lives associated with it. I was trained to live my own life, where being honest, courageous, adaptive, lifeholic were key concentrations, several I am forgetting here but indeed all those trained me to never disagree with what I am taught. In fact, in this two and half decades I followed my concentrations throughout. One can say I have followed life ethics to follow at lifeplace.

As a result, good grades, life appraisals, promotions on stages of life often reflected into my life, and still they do. Delays often.

I was fed, ” Do the work and don’t wait for results, certain timelines never wait and results accumulate.” I was okay, still I am; not 100% but mostly.

Why not 100%? The question puzzles me everyday often when relaxing at lifeplace. Things we do or I do, not to just resolve timelines, or we perform best on timelines to show case how skills were performed; this is the attitude I brought or developed when I am at lifeplace. “If not me there will be someone else”, they often quote, but they never notice about someone like me and you who come with positive attitude to work on their timelines to do the best that if not themselves there will be somewhere else where positive attitude and positive environment will blend.

The word ‘self-blah-blah’ exists in our dictionaries, if referring other language there also it exists, pronunciation is obviously different, meaning is same. “Self – Something that I own and no one can took it from me in any manner, it is me solely responsible for every up and down in it.” Now let this be self-confidence, self-esteem, selfless etc. Etc. I often run short with words, well I hope my meaning is sorted. So all these exist because no one else will feed to improve unless me-myself and for the reason people don’t appreciate, motivate, pay attention often; human tendency human cannot complain.

So that’s what with this you own your own lifeplace the self-blah-blah is key to grow up will work for you only. Like me, you may also stick around people with no appreciation, no motivation, no pay, so just keep your ‘self-blah-blah’ up and undiluted.

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