Reiterate the terms

Sometimes we realize that time has a petite span before elapse, and we want to live the span until it ends. It conveys hope too that our liveliness can endure to eternity.

Just to live the short span we brand the span memorable; we interact a lot, we complain a lot, we smile a lot, we bring moments a lot, we do everything a lot. Trust is the word has nothing significance without “us”, but a short span never becomes strong enough to build the spirit of trust without the “us” bond become rigid, uncompromised, and unconditional.

We treat the few people better over every other person in the span so they turn out to be charioteers in our future. Regardless of good and bad days, they become with whom we share our cheerfulness, blues, the whys and wherefores made you give the excuse to others, and every monotonous happening of life. Everything remains right at the place but sharing makes feel you better.

Sharing with right people is the key to easy life.

There was a nice-to-have-friend type girl in the duration of my bachelor degree. She was friendly, sensible, and beautiful. We shared few happy moments together along with our common friends. When I moved out from my city to another city for a job, her birthday was in recent. I remember the day from the first week of my new job and I phoned her to wish on birthday. The sharing was continuing and I shared my first week of the job.

Days passed and there came a duration when she was unhappy with our common friends’ behavior toward her. Her sentiments and my compassion sometimes happened to be hour-long-conversation over messages and call. I attempted to patch them by all possible means, later when nothing worked out I gave up and suggested, “If nothing is working out, be happy with yourself and other friends of you…” Still, I desired one day they patch, and my condition was like a sandwich, both ends were my good friends.

Right or Wrong, thinking over the suggestion was up to her. I didn’t force to go with my words, a few days later she said it doesn’t matter to her how others are behaving with her. I just said okay, indeed I was glad for the reason that she has gotten the key for her happiness. I didn’t have expected anything else.

We didn’t use to talk every day; one time or two in a week. I was busy in my new job and I left her in her life to find something interesting. One day we had a call and she informed she will be pursuing Masters. Though I hadn’t appreciated the idea within, I hailed her for moving forward toward a sound life. I started believing she as good friend from a friend, but the long conversation soon transformed to a smaller one to grass-piece to just seen, then no interactions. Months back when I moved out of my city after bidding adieus to these friends, from then we had two diverse paths, up to here there were some junctures our paths merged for some duration for bringing up the moments.

Seriously I recollected our friendship many times, not because she had some unusual place in my life but for the reason that from always I keep very few friends and call them friends. Priority from both ends started degrading and we were out of any interaction. Then came the day for which I put my effort in patching our common friends and her. It happened finally in my absence and without knowing how.

Time heals everything.

First glance at the happy picture concluded happy terms everywhere, second glance concluded my void terms with same people. I was surging in my own wave and I didn’t want to slow down and reiterate my terms when others have no intention to continue with me.

I have said goodbye.

Years later, the day of her birthday has arrived and we still have our contact numbers, I can see her online, and I am going to wish her “Happy Birthday”, not because I want to recreate our old bond, it is because of my tendency to give despite knowing I may get nothing.

Do everything which you want to do, including the one stops you with an excuse to yourself. If some more words can heal the past, write it, mean it, and share it.


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