Janvi & Animesh – 1


Arrival of Janvi has brought smile on face of Animesh. Animesh said, “You again came.”

Janvi said, “Yes, it’s my birthday, I had to come,” and sat beside him.

“Why you go so far, and if you go don’t come,” he complained.

“Some compulsions Animesh, and I will come anyways, you loved me, right?” She has smile over her face.

…and Animesh commented, “Yes, I loved, by time I saw you first time.”

…and happiness blinked on her face. She said, “Really… let me also know when and how it happened.”

He said abruptly, “Each year this day you do same question.”

She pined, “This day is special, it feels good.”

Then what? He started repeating that how in first sight he started believing Janvi as his own. “Janvi, you are that girl of my life whose feeling left no chance to change me.”

“You again repeated same line.”

“Truth never changes perhaps for this reason,” he answered so casually to question from Janvi. He continued, “You remember tech-fest of my college, you came with your friends, Maria invited you, right.”

When he saw raise the sight for Janvi, she was agreeing by motioning her neck.

“That day my best friend Maria handed over own precious camera to me novice so I click photos. You know what she said when handed over,” but seeing her still he continued in threatening voice, “Animesh, hold the camera and if you have missed any moment I will give punches on you,” and then continued in normal tone, “Then what, I learnt photography right there, and truth to speak, someone’s bright, lovely and smiling face motivated me to click that someone differently. That smiling and bright face was getting captured every time. Cameraman Animesh was trying to get her clicked in every possible angle, but what to expect with a novice, not many very few photos captured the face. That someone was no other than you Janvi.”

“Means I was liked in first sight by you.”


“Then how you found me?”

Animesh started laughing, “When Maria was done with wandering around, she came to me, snatched camera and started seeing photos. We sat beside each other on stairs. Laugh was uncontrollable, that much worst photos she had witnessed. When your photo featured she immediately said you have taken Janvi’s photo as well. Do you know till that day I had followed many girls but I was never such fortunate that I got anyone’s name so early, but knowing your name was piece of cake.”

“All you boys are like this, you just follow girls.”

“It is not like this, if someone is liked, getting her known is mandatory, hahaha.”

“Okay fine, let me ask you something.. tell me what I wore that day.”

“Hmm, Jeans, blue top and earrings, you were exactly like a kashmiri girl.”

“Okay, okay, I am not habitual to these many compliments.”

“Fine, so when I got your name, I asked Maria like how she knows you. Maria told me you both are friends, and you came college with your friends. Without patience I said to Maria, you didn’t introduce your friend with me, she was staring like she would eat me up, she roared that she is my friend will meet with me. Janvi, you know how much dumb Maria is , I asked her to tell your full name and she immediately respond Janvi Sharma.”

Both began laughing, in that way only Animesh resumed, “When she realized what mistake she had done, she requested, ‘See now don’t go for search her on Facebook.’ And I replied, “Maria you give brilliant idea always. She again stared like I will drop the idea.

Intensity of laughing was growing.

“Maria undoubtedly duffer, but best friend she is, Maria often says, ‘What is to be duffer between friends, two duffers pursue better friendship’, whenever I call her duffer. I began searching your profile, you was found, yet some privacy setting were there those can be unshielded by Maria only. I pleaded her for her Facebook login on my mobile. She angrily sat next to me and I indulged myself in your profile, you have written some good things over there.”

“Animesh, tell me one thing, did you really like me in first sight mean not like every other boy says after seeing a good girl, I mean like someone is liked in first sight and that’s it, means final.”

“Do you know Janvi, it should be realized that the strange girl you saw and you liked, you love her or not. It happened same evening before we left college, perhaps with usual intention, Maria asked me, ‘Did I like Janvi?’.

“What you said?”

“I was person without worry and care, I spoke what was running in my mind from whole day that yes, it is a love like feeling. I was requesting Maria for make our conversation possible. But she had got master key, that girl has changed attitude of herself, she said, ‘Will see.” And started making her own way.

“Then what you did?”

“I ran behind her, and asked her to invite her on her birthday. She could give a pizza treat.”

“…and what she said. She may have said yes.”

“Do you really think? That miser said that she neither inviting Janvi nor giving any treat. Silently have Samosa in canteen on birthday.”

“I said in last that just one conversation, invite her on your birthday I will be there as uninvited guest. She was in ponder and I continued, ‘Don’t think much, just because of you your friend will get new life.’ And she showed smile on her face and said, ‘Okay, but don’t do time pass and don’t irritate her in any way. I know both of you.’ Then we moved for our homes.”



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