Last Day of College


Last Exam… Last day of College Life, total 39 exams were there, 78 mid-terms, countless assignments, and at the end an extraordinary experience of four years; irreplaceable to any other duration of life. And yes, tens of classmates those made the duration memorable.

On last day of college, I look back at the day I started college life I feel the separation. First Day. I entered into classroom with a blank notebook, then with start of first lecture I wrote college name on it, then as days were moving I was changing for sure, people made me for that; new people for a new journey. Their way of life was quite interesting and lively at the same time. I jotted down names of my new classmates and friends, actually my befriends; it is my nature I couldn’t trust on people easily. Slowly things turned up better for me, some actually became friends, meanwhile I became best friend for some people.

Where there is a will, there is a way; where there is a well, there is a wall. Some treated me as nothing, all fine, I wasn’t there to satisfy the attitude of some people. Anyways, I had long duration to spend around them and high hopes to urge ‘nothing is something’; success doesn’t happen always. Friends, Love, Respect, Annoyance, Knowledge, every single thing I was earning in duration of my college life I had been carrying it throughout. I never looked back for people who are with me, I believed whoever is with me he or she is beside me.

The blank notebook I carried on the first day, had started filling from the day itself. Couple of years later it has many chapters written – Friendship, Admiration, Care, Love, Dreams, Trust, Affection, Achievements and so on.

One day someone had advised me change yourself, I couldn’t! Repeating, I wasn’t there to satisfy the attitude of some people, then came favorites, actually choices – either this or that; I was confined by myself. It generated lots of distrust and misunderstanding, however, one day someone addressed, ‘Be responsible for the decision you have taken‘.

Good hopes always wanted to see things turned up, but survival was tough. That was a good time, around good people.
Knowing them was best part, some sweet some bitter; taste is what makes life interesting.

“Farewell” is not an occasion to cheer up, this is not even stubbornness, which depends on mood and choices. You do upon what comes toward you. As I say ‘Every moment has its own story’, refraining from goodbye moment was another instance of proving it truth.


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