Reiterate the terms

Do everything which you want to do, including the one stops you with an excuse to yourself. If some more words can heal the past, write it, mean it, and share it.


अकेला रास्ता

एक अकेले रास्ते पर मैं चल रहा हूँ किसी साये की तलाश में, कोई परिंदा न मिला मन को बुझाती प्यास में। ये रास्ता कहाँ ले जाएगा ये अनजान हैं, पूरा है या अधूरा, अनजान हैं।

Keep the evening counted

...sometimes I used to give this time to writing, but literally, the spirit of the writer was not in action from past few weeks, it was under anesthesia. My mind had no shaking ideas to bring the spirit into action.

DevOps and Me!

DevOps = (Dev)lopment + (Op)eration(s) I definitely seek for opportunities where I could add challenges and newness at my workplace, and these all can start from myself and assignments are given to me. I got to interact with one new culture in IT World i.e. DevOps. DevOps that says to work in a collaborative manner.... Continue Reading →

Last Day of College

"Farewell" is not an occasion to cheer up, this is not even stubbornness, which depends on mood and choices. You do upon what comes toward you. Every moment has its own story. Refraining from goodbye was another instance of proving it truth.

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