Last Day of College

"Farewell" is not an occasion to cheer up, this is not even stubbornness, which depends on mood and choices. You do upon what comes toward you. Every moment has its own story. Refraining from goodbye was another instance of proving it truth.


The Attitude Problem

It happens when we are on same levels with same strength and carry same attitude toward our goals, we become jealous. Such that we want to keep others shut and to refrain from our way; we don't wish anyone to obstruct our path. It seems good when we deserve single-hand victory, however, real world will... Continue Reading →

जानवी & अनिमेष – 3

जितनी मोहब्बत अनिमेष जानवी से कर रहा था, इतनी तो शायद जानवी भी नही कर पाती। न इक़रार हुआ, न इनकार हुआ, एक तरफा प्यार भी इतना की अनिमेष इतना बदल गया। अनिमेष कभी इतना सादगी से भरा, उलझन सुलझन के बीच झूलता, परवाह करने वाला कभी नही था, बस जानवी ने बदल दिया।

Learning Point

CIRCUMSTANCES in life are meant to have learning point or apply learning point to make situation in own favor. LIFE allows circumstances to bring us up to compare the existence of TRUST aka BELIEF aka TRUTH with the relationship it associated with. RELATIONSHIP could be with a thing or a person or a thought; THING... Continue Reading →

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