Keep the evening counted

Jan 25th of the year 2018. The sunset happened in its usual manner, though it happens every day, I know; in weekdays I realize this through the clock on right-side-bottom of the computer screen. My work-hours call me in late hours of the morning in the office and keep me working until late hours of the evening. I do because all these assure completion of that day’s assignments.
So the sunset happened. I was finishing my to-do before going into the mood of the weekend.
There was a long email for the reply as a part of the to-do list, which I had done. Soon, I got the chat pop-up from manager due to some Oops elements in my reply email. I had to correct at that point of time only and that correction stretched me outside duration of working hours. Well, that wasn’t the thing to complain; what to say when something has become part of working life.
I completed the correction and took a sigh of relief for done to-do.
Usually, I leave my seat around 8:15 pm and get the bus at 8:30 pm. It drops me at my trunk point around 9:15 pm and I give sign off to the workday. In this period of 40-50 minutes, I seriously do nothing; Get on the bus, then if any acquaintance is sitting next then I discuss the day, otherwise simply pour into social networking and games. Several weeks back, I used to give a small portion of this time to writing, but literally, the spirit of the writer was not in action from past few weeks, it was under anesthesia. My mind had no shaking ideas to bring the spirit into action.
This evening shook my spirit when I interacted with the presence of two girls that filled enormous energy in me to write.
After reaching late the bus, I was waiting for a cab that can take me home, however, it was late and never came. I was seeing here and there in seek when I saw a girl in one corner of that parking ground. She wasn’t crying but I felt she could cry at any time. Handbag in the left hand, one other bag had a lunch box, sweatshirt over body and earphones in ears. She was standing right there and speaking into the microphone. Perhaps she was trying to persuade or realize someone, a close friend or boyfriend, over a mistake happened. A couple of times she went out of her calm and screamed. She didn’t continue scream for the long, presence of people around her didn’t allow. She wasn’t calm and her body language was reflecting; she calls, talks, disconnects, ponders, and calls again with same words, “You should understand what you have done…”
I wasn’t staring her but my diverted attention was on her only. Fewer times my steps were taking me toward her but I turned another side. Being in the professional world and at the professional place, you cannot even ask a stranger about their problem. If the stranger accepts your concern as a concern then your approach may work, otherwise, you may hear a shout and such discouraging responses in future you will think twice before offering help to any needy stranger. We never know what may head your life where.
She got her friend then and she went into some conversation with some veered topic, I felt I should leave her behind and I turned back to go.
I almost spent 20-25 minutes there in waiting for one cab. Among the thoughts of the girl, there was another girl. She was also looking for the cab, coincidentally I knew about her that our trunk points are same. What was the reason that she participated in my thoughts? So it was her panic nature. She was tired. Her hand over her back was reflecting that she was suffering from back pain which was obvious after the long wait for the cab. There were some other employees to board with me for my trunk point. Among all of us, some girls got a cab including her and she boarded it. My sight was capturing the upbringings around me, I saw she is coming back and her mood was off. She complained to Admin of Cab Service but in response she just got assurance and she was again there in wait for a cab that could drop her.
I don’t know why there was the indication in my mind that I will have a conversation with her. Finally, after a long wait of 45 minutes, we got a cab number and we started walking together. Luckily, exact 6 people, 2 boys including me, and 4 girls remained for my trunk point which was equal to the capacity Cab Service permits.
There was one other girl. She was cute and chubby. When we reached the cab, which was on another side of parking ground. It was her frustration too that she assumed the door is open and smartly she tried to open, however, doors were locked. She assumed her smartness is captured by eyes around her, she turned back to justify. I was there to get into the cab as soon as she opens the door. She had a cute smile like wanted to say, “It is not working… forgot this attempt…”
Most of the indications in my mind always prove themselves true. The girl about I thought that I would have a conversation, turned true. The cab had facing seats and that girl sat in front of me. Frustration speaks out irrespective of someone is listening or not, but I was there to listen and respond her. I could not go beyond what indication I received. I participated in her mumbling and asked what exactly happened. She was tired but she had the energy to elaborate what all happen to her this evening.
She left her desk around 8 pm of that evening. She reached parking ground. She had no idea that bus departs for her trunk point and cabs cover few other trunk points for that time. She asked many cab drivers if one is going on the route of her trunk point and one driver confirmed her. She sat in the cab and missed the bus. When the cab started filling with its regular employees, she was asked to wait for other cabs. She argued but failed. She waited for another half an hour when she got another cab from which she was again asked to wait by the Security. She elaborated everything. Finally, she was in the cab at front of me, sharing her dramatic evening. I had the laugh inside but sympathy outside. I don’t talk to strangers in general but that duration came to me that I was talking to them, be this frustrated girl in front of me or the cute girl sitting over the next seat.
Our conversation soon got over, and I plugged in my earphones. She was in relief for some time before a call on her mobile phone revealed her completely. She was too much expressive over the call, might be her friend or roommate was on another side of the call. She mentioned that she would explain all day later, but she was happy then. Music in my ears soon withdraws my attention from my mobile and I start observing here and there. That time also. I was following to the closed shops, the traffic light behind the cab, the street lights, and my own thoughts. I just realized in one moment that today an additional to-do in the work, being late, waiting for the duration of 45 minutes have inspired me a lot to back on track of writing. Finally, I got a newness to add to my writing.
People come and go, this is nature of people and reality of the world. You cannot keep them to yourself, but you can keep what they leave every time – experiences, memories, and feelings.

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