First Sight

First Sight

Looking at her for the first time, her face began to appear as that someone as my own.
She used to be often seen in the corridors of buildings, and I would be happy to see her.
I began to become convicted, my heart was impatient, I waited every day for her.
It appeared that my crime would be reduced, my breath was acquitted, seeing her glimpse in my eyes.

Eagerness to repeat the days made me guilty of love, then if love is not to be worshiped then what is meant for?
My goodness was in her eyes, what did she say, what was this love-worship ‘Sajda’?
As if she fulfilled my wish, when she asked, “What do these flashes of yours say? and what these hold that always show eagerness?”

I said, how to say love started feeling in the first glimpse of you, whether you were away but I was getting close to you.
My eyes were close to him, the words were silent and seeing her I became an innocent guilty of heart.



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