Janvi & Animesh – 2



… Knowing the false-dream when he got up a photo-frame over table near his bed caught his eyes, mixed smile of happiness and disappointment furnished over his face; Janvi and Animesh are together in the photo. He spoke, “Happy Birthday Janvi… You left me again, anyways, I am going to live your happiness, your beloved kids. Today they will recall you again… will say you can’t make.”

Animesh was ready with his preparation for today. Someone knocked the door; Maria was there. She was contributor for that day. “All set Animesh???” Maria asked.

“Yup, only to send these stuff, I called Rickshaw.”

Maria and Animesh headed toward their destination after loading stuff in Rickshaw.

On the way Animesh was stating his story again to himself.

“Janvi has her 25th birthday today, I remember… What if we are not together, fragrance of her presence will never lose. Today my destination is that orphanage where for the first time Janvi celebrated her birthday with me. When I had agree to support her in her noble work, I shared idea with my several other friends too and they too contributed to what Janvi loves most. About five thousand bucks I collected to purchase gifts. On her day I reached her home with Maria. She was happy to see us there. She already kept lots of packets outside the door, all she was going to donate in Orphanage. Before getting late we both wished her birthday and she thanked. She was saying that earlier she only used to do and this year we too joined her, then we headed toward the orphanage.

My first step in that orphanage was a strange feel, but there was Janvi next to me. I slowed down and Janvi hurried up to embrace kids. I kept looking at her; her simplicity and acts of being childish among them, I couldn’t deny I fall in love with right girl. She was playing with them, listening to their complaints, perhaps this she wished every year and determined. She had her own world in time we had spent. Maria, my friends and I also indulged our time with kids. Teaching something new to them, listening to their childish and carefree words, and at least for some moments living childhood again, were new and outstanding there. After all these most important was happiness on faces, they had nothing but lot of happiness to spread around.

Maria had already ordered Cake for Janvi. That evening Janvi cut cake with kids in front of all my friends. Day was ending not the fun we were making altogether since morning, but we had to leave. There was a moment when Janvi came out of her world, and asked something to us. She was reasoning me for her memorable birthday; according to Janvi unless I was there, she wouldn’t be able to celebrate her birthday in the way she had celebrated.

All my friends said good bye to kids and left. We left orphanage around nine o’clock.

We were talking in front of Janvi’s home, Maria was also there. Honestly, that day I had no thought, but truth was getting difficult to hide. Finally I had said what I wished everyday to tell her. I said everything was in my mind, that much I could say from the day I saw her first time up to the occasion of her birthday. Janvi and Maria both were shocked, though Maria knew what I feel but for her it was surprising that suddenly I proposed Janvi. Maria was just having agree in answers to questions from Janvi. Never got to know how much my confession worked on her, silently she walked in her home, I urged her to think once.

Maria was shouting me all the way to her home as why I didn’t tell her before proposing her, but I was quiet. I dropped her in front of her home, and without answering anything left her there.

That night probably we all three were in thoughts, and sleep was at neither end. Maria was calling me continuously on my phone, but I had eagerness for Janvi. Around two o’clock I got message from Janvi ‘ Thanks…’ There was no sleep but fall asleep in some time and got up early morning realizing something I may have in mobile. Morning I received another message that she wanted to meet if I wish to. I sent obvious ‘Yes’. Then she sent me place and time. She uploaded birthday photos in noon and asked me to tag my friends because she didn’t know everyone. I did.

I was little nervous before we were going to meet. Before that evening I had spent many hours in estimating her probable questions and my probable answers, then the complex puzzle whether she would accept my proposal or not, actually I had fear for her anger that I never heard and that evening it could hit to any degree. Lots of things were uninterrupted in my mind. I was waiting for Janvi to come at four-thirty only, although she decided for five. That place and Janvi’s home had distance of around 15 minutes. I was waiting…”

[To Be Continued…]

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