Woman – Age 0 to 100+

Woman, a strange creature created when earth was having peace, can say quietness or emptiness. Everyone fears for own replacement, probably the almighty, because there is mother. What she doesn’t do. She is mother moreover an inspiration, a motivation, a true friend indeed. 

Woman is truly a strangest creature, how many roles it plays in anyone’s life. Age grows relationship too grows with this creature. A source of life, love, motivation, devotion, inspiration, life lessons and so on. It’s counterpart couldn’t survive being in relationship of this creature.

Though we often say one bad character demolish growth of every other around it, luckily this disappoints but makes to be with it too for forever.

No one can never say no to importance of this creature in their life. I would say I care I respect but still what they are to me, I am to them, yet I am human being and I live in humanity.

Few things for women around. She is humorous, she make me to laugh, she is source of knowledge, she guides, she ignores me, she finds me not of her type ( indeed me too :P), she is my crush, she hates me, she loves me, she likes me, she is friend, she is best friend, she is support system, she is my emotional shoulder, she is my inspiration, she is my dreams, she is in my fantasies, she is happiness, she is sadness, she is my grief, she is my reason to smile, she leads to bring up curve on my face and she reasons to bring tears sometimes.

She is my love, she is my hate, she is my ignored, she is respected, she is responsible for whatever I am today, she is reason for each day I live in whatever way, she is my secret.

What she is nothing in my life, she is  everything, everything around me, she is fuel of life indeed.

These many relations and just one day, seems unfair… 🙂


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